we're having a friendsgiving!

and we'd really love it if you came.

headline / details:

Trusted sources (like Wikipedia) tell us that the first Thanksgiving lasted 3 days, and involved 90 Indians and 53 Pilgrims. Maybe it was celebrating the end of a drought, or maybe it actually followed some kinda Mayflower-style massacre. Either way, almost everyone agrees it involved turkey! Matt's mom, Lana, swears they're direct descendants of Pocahontas. Who better, then, to kick-off the holiday season than her grandbaby himself? Come join us for a casual affair with all the fixins celebrating friends, thanks, and Matt's family history!

nov 08

4 o’clock

@ matt & kelley’s apartment in salisbury

we’ll take care of the turkey.

you bring your ultimate festive side, drink, or dessert.

truth be told, we’ll have a few other things...

  • — plates
  • — napkins
  • — cups
  • — plasticware
  • — festive decor
  • — a few appetizers
  • — a warm fireplace (channel)
  • — music to set the mood
  • — warm cider (alcohol optional)
  • — soda (pop)
  • — water